Indonesian Hackers Still Target Innocent Australian Websites, Despite Being Warned

Anonymous Australia has now issued a final warning

Indonesian hackers continue to target websites belonging to Australian organizations that have nothing to do with the government.

Indonesians started hacking Australian websites a few days ago in retaliation against Australia’s spying on Indonesia. Since the sites they’ve targeted don’t have anything to do with the government, Anonymous Australia urged them to stop attacking innocent websites.

For a short while on Friday, it appeared that the Indonesian hacktivists got the message since they launched distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks against the sites of the Australian Secret Intelligence Services ( and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (

ASIO’s website was disrupted on Friday only for a couple of minutes, but the one of ASIS is still offline at the time of writing.

However, Cyber War News reports that attempts to hack Australian government websites have failed, so some hacktivists resumed attacks against commercial sites.

Anonymous Australia has warned Indonesians that if they don’t stop targeting innocent websites, they’ll have to face the wrath of their “fellow legion.” Now, a final warning has been issued.

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