Oil Rush and Reprisal for Linux Included in Indie Royale Fall Bundle

They might not seem like much, but the games are certainly worthy of their price

The Indie Royale bundle may not have been too friendly with Linux users in the past, but from time to time they manage to surprise us. Two games from their latest collection, The Fall Bundle, are also available for Linux and they pack quite a punch.

The Indie Royale initiative has failed to bring major games to the Linux platform, unlike The Humble Bundle that makes multiplatform release a priority, making sure that everyone gets versions for all the advertised platforms.

This Humble Bundles policy is powerful enough to drives game studios to port their games for Linux. This has proven to be an efficient marketing strategy in the past because Linux users have always paid the highest average price for the games.

Indie Royale people have failed to understand this simple concept, but this time they included a couple of games also supporting Linux. Unfortunately, they weren’t ported to Linux now, but have been available for some time.

Reprisal is an homage to the old game Populous, and it's also a real-time strategy. The game will allow players to control a tribe, to guide them, build them land, and helping them to expand their numbers.

The player can also control nature, with the help of special totem power and can unleash its destructive force on the enemies of your tribe.

The game is built to resemble Populous, with a similar pixelated atmosphere. Reprisal also features unlockable challenge islands, offline local storage and enhanced full screen display options.

The other game is Oil Rush, the first title developed by Unigine Corp, using the Unigine Engine. It looks spectacular and there are few games on the Linux platforms that can even come close to it.

It can be best described as a combination between a real-time strategy and a tower-defense game. The player assumes the role of Kevin, a young graduate from a military academy, who strives to follow his father’s example. He is immediately given a job to defend his colony from raiders’ attacks, and so his adventure begins.

We reviewed Oil Rush right around their launch date and we found that it's a beautiful game, with a core mechanic that will probably start its own genre. It might be presented as an indie title, but it actually is one hell of a game.

If you want more information about Indie Royale, just visit their official website.

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