Indianapolis Buys 500 EVs, Plug-in Hybrids

The vehicles will be used by the city's non-police fleet, Mayor Greg Ballard explains

Only yesterday, Indianapolis became the firs city in the United States to make it public news that it wants to purchase 500 green-oriented vehicles, which are to be used by their non-police fleet.

Apparently, the decision to purchase these EVs and hybrid vehicles comes as a result of Mayor Greg Ballard's wishing to both modernize and green up the city's fleet, Environmental Leader reports.

Besides cutting down on this American city's ecological footprint, the vehicles are expect to pay for themselves within a relatively short period of time, primarily because fuel-costs will be significantly reduced.

“It is the policy of the City of Indianapolis to purchase and/or lease electric vehicles and/or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to meet all of its passenger vehicle needs,” reads the official executive order on this matter.

Furthermore, “The city will study the vehicle needs of the Department of Public Safety and will attempt to procure electric or plug-in electric vehicles where appropriate for practical application.”

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