Indian Students Make Solar, Wind Powered Autorickshaw

The hybrid can cover 80 km on one full charge, carry four passengers

A team of Indian students recently succeeded in designing and manufacturing a hybrid autorickshaw that runs on a combination of solar energy, wind power and petrol.

The students claim that this allowed them to cut down on the fuel emissions produced by their vehicle by as much as 90%, and that this feature does nothing to affect the car's performances when on the road.

The Hindu Times explains that this green-oriented autorickshaw needs just one full charge in order to cover a distance of up to 80 km (about 50 miles), all the while transporting as many as 4 passengers.

According to Assistant Professor J.E. Moshe Dayan, the car's makeup encompasses an internal combustion engine, a switched reluctance motor, a wind turbine and a PV system.

As well as this, an energy storage system sees to it that the power collected while harvesting said renewables is carefully tucked away for later use.

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