Indian Man Has an Amazing Talent – He Does the Best Animal Impressions

Listen to this performer doing farm animal impressions

If you think doing animal impressions is not that impressive, you haven't listened to this man. An unidentified performer from India is as brilliant as he is an unexpectedly talented.

To better appreciate his skill, he does these impressions near a barn, from what I gather. The real thing can be heard in the background, and compared to his version. I believe that is the only reason why he would bring a chicken into the shot at the beginning of the clip.

He tried to mimic several farm animals, and probably his chicken and crow impressions were the best. The dog was also pretty good, if you just leave the audio on, it will surprise you.

This video, uploaded by user Mesztib2 to YouTube, is strangely hypnotizing and probably deserves more than the 27,000 likes it has received so far.

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