Indian Hacktivists Hack Pakistani Government Sites in Response to Border Clash

Indishell hackers say this is just the start of their campaign against Pakistan

Indian hacktivists of the Indishell group have defaced four Pakistani government websites in response to the latest border clash.

The list of targets includes the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade, the Cantonment Board of Sialkot, or National Commission on Status of Women, and the Directorate of Sanitation of the Capital Development Authority.

They’ve also hacked a subdomain of Comsats Internet Services, Pakistan’s pioneer ISP.

“We are going to take each and every website down. This is just a start. Wait for the bang,” the hackers wrote on the defaced pages.

Besides their protest message, the hackers also posted the pictures of a couple of Indian soldiers who died in battle.

At the time of writing, the websites still hosted the defacement pages, except for the one of the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade.

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