Indian Hacker Plants Malware on Pakistani Music Website to Stop Piracy

Chrome warns SongsPK users that the site is infected with malware

An Indian hacker using the online moniker Godziila has infected the Pakistani music downloads website SongsPk with a piece of malware in an effort to put an end to piracy, particularly the illegal downloading of Indian songs.

Godziila has told The Hacker News that he urges all users, from India and all over the world, to stop using SongsPk because the site is serving malware.

“Avoid Piracy. There is no such thing as ‘FREE’ on internet,” he said.

It appears the hacker is not bluffing. Google Chrome is warning users who visit domains such as, or that the site contains malware.

This is an interesting way to discourage privacy. Another interesting tactic is used these days in Japan.

The government has decided to place piracy warning messages inside fake files planted on file-sharing websites.

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