Indian Authorities Arrest Hacker Who Planned to Breach Bank Accounts of 4 Firms

The suspect and his accomplices attempted to siphon millions of dollars

Indian authorities have arrested a Doranda college student involved with a cybercriminal group. Investigators have learned that the suspect used Facebook to interact with other hackers.

According to the Daily Bhaskar, the fraudsters wanted to steal a total of 70 crores (the equivalent of around $13 million) from four multi-national organizations.

After his arrest, the student, Aqib Khan, told police that he had set up a fake Facebook account in an attempt to get in contact with other hackers. Through this social media account he met another hacker with whom he planned the heist.

Aqib was asked to aid the operation by providing technical assistance.

A second student has also been temporarily taken into custody for his involvement in the fraud scheme.

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