India to Set Up Cyber Security Architecture to Prevent Sabotage and Espionage

The National Security Advisor says the project has already been approved

India’s National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon has revealed the government’s plans to set up a national cyber security architecture that would protect the country’s networks against espionage, sabotage and other cyber threats.

On Monday, Menon explained that the National Security Council had already approved the project and that it was working on the implantation details with all stakeholders, IBNLive reports.

Officials are confident that the architecture will be able to protect both public networks and critical infrastructures, especially since the country doesn’t lack the skills or the software and hardware resources needed to complete the project.

The designated agencies will handle the monitoring, certification and assurance of networks to ensure that they’re in accordance with the law.

The National Security Advisor also revealed India’s intentions to build a silicon wafer fabrication facility where high-tech chips would be produced for satellites, nuclear power stations and defense establishments.

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