India’s Playboy Bunnies Are Surprisingly Covered Up

The girls wear sheer skirts and tube tops come complete with draping over one shoulder

The first Playboy club is set to open in India next year, and the brand is adapting its classic Playgirl image to Indian standards, or at least they're trying to.

The bunnies are still scantily dressed, but a bit more fabric is used to manufacture their India-tailored costumes.

As you can see, the Playboy lingerie costume has been mixed with a sari, giving birth to something that looks like an Indian bathing suit. The girls wear skirts, however sheer, and their tube tops come complete with draping over one shoulder.

According to India Realtime, New-York based designer Mohini Tadikonda put together this bunny ensemble.

At first, the company will bring foreign waitresses to their club location in Goa.

“We are open to hiring Indian women too,” says Sanjay Gupta, chief executive officer of PB Lifestyle Ltd.

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