India and US to Launch Joint Cybercrime Portal

The portal would be used to cooperate on hacking and social media misuse investigations

Representatives of Indian and American police have agreed to set up a new portal that would allow them to cooperate on cybercrime investigations, including hacking and social media network misuse. 

The cooperation portal would be used to log and track cybercrime-related requests.

According to The Economic Times, both sides are confident that such a portal would be of great aid. That’s because police often have to carry out investigations that target servers or services in the US, respectively India.

Indian authorities, for instance, say it takes between 15 and 80 days to get a response to a request from US-based companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. In some cases, the information they request is not provided at all.

The intention to set up the portal was discussed during a two-day police chiefs conference held in India.

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