"Indestructible" Panasonic Memory Cards Are Super-Fast As Well

The company launches four new microSD/microSDHC memory cards

One would think that a company would be satisfied with just top-end performance when releasing a new storage line, but Panasonic decided to go all out and make the new microSD and microSDHC cards as tough as it could.

The result was the unveiling of the UHS Speed Class (Class 1) and SD Speed Class (Class 10) microSD cards, the microSDHC UHS-1 Card series.

Scheduled to be officially available on July 13, 2013, the four will use MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash memory chips.

The top read speed will be of 45 MB/s, while the top writing speed will be of 25 MB/s.

We say top because, like on more or less every NAND device, the speed ultimately depends on the capacity.

The 4 GB will be slower than the 8 GB one, the 8 GB cards will be slower than 16 GB ones, and the 16 GB models will be below the performance of the 32 GB. Although perhaps the differences won't be too massive.

Either way, Panasonic invested more words in the physical endurance of the products than in everything else.

First off, the newcomers can withstand a 1,000-gauss direct current-induced magnetic field for 1 minute (magnet-proof).

Secondly, the ESD-proof protection (IEC61000-4-2 Standard) gives the cards a static discharge test clearance with a test resistance value of 330 ohms, corresponding to 150pF max capacitance, ±15kV (air) discharge capacity.

Thirdly, the storage devices can withstand X-ray radiation (can work after exposure to 0.1Gy of absorbed X-ray radiation – ISO7816 Standard).

The fourth point is scored by shock resistance: no harm will come from forces of 20N and 0.1Nm endurable moment torsion load.

Fifth on the list is temperature protection (-25 to 85 degree Celsius during operation, or -13 to 185°F).

Finally, the set wouldn't be complete without waterproofing. Sure enough, the JIS IPX7 Standard is met (cards can still work even when submerged to 1 meter for 30 minutes).

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