Indestructible Headphones Launched by SOL Republic

They still have swappable cables and headbands, despite the physical endurance

Headphones don't usually break, not before the circuits inside are so worn down that the sound gets buzzy and scratchy.

Nevertheless, SOL Republic decided it was time someone released some truly tough headphones.

The result is a series of headsets equipped with FlexTech technology and priced between £79.99 ($99.99 / 99.99 Euro) and £149.99 ($179.99 / 179.99 Euro).

Obviously, those aren't the conversion rates. Each store in each region chose those sums after applying taxes and such.

Overall, the FlexTech-equipped headphone sets from SOL Republic are essentially indestructible and, as a bonus, interchangeable, with swappable cables and headbands even.

"SOL REPUBLIC is an acronym for Soundtrack Of Life because we believe music is the soundtrack of everyone's life and when music sounds better, you feel better," said Scott Hix, co-founder & president, SOL REPUBLIC.

"We're committed to creating superior-sounding headphones that allow you to express your personal style."

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