Incapsula Releases Joomla Website Security and Acceleration Extension

It's estimated that 400,000 Joomla sites will be hacked over the next three months

Incapsula has launched a Joomla extension that allows website administrators, owners and developers to manage the security and performance of their sites directly from the admin console.

A recent study performed by Incapsula – a cloud-based website security and performance services provider – has revealed that 59% of Joomla sites have recorded some type of malicious activity.

Furthermore, 13% of them are exposed to attacks that leverage privilege escalation and JCE Shell Upload vulnerabilities present in some versions.

Based on these figures and ones provided by, Incapsula predicts that 400,000 Joomla sites are likely to be hacked over the next three months.

Until now, Incapsula has offered security and performance services only directly through the company, but with the release of the new extension, website owners can rely on them from within the Joomla administration panel.

And the best part is that websites of all sizes can benefit from enterprise-grade solutions without making changes to the website and without installing new hardware or software.

“Securing content management systems can be time consuming and expensive, resulting in many website administrators overlooking this critical process,” explained Marc Gaffan, Incapsula co-founder and VP of marketing and business development.

“While Incapsula has always focused on providing Enterprise-grade security at affordable prices, our new Incapsula for Joomla component simplifies management, enabling even more website administrators to achieve security and performance previously available only to elite organizations.”

There are three major benefits to the Incapsula for Joomla extension.

First of all, websites are protected against spammers, hackers and distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks. They also benefit from virtual patching of vulnerabilities and advanced Web Application Security.

As far as performance is concerned, websites are accelerated by over 40% and bandwidth can be reduced by 50%.

Finally, everything is coordinated from a simple, yet comprehensive, management console.

Incapsula for Joomla is available for download here

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