InSomnia Co-Op RPG Combines Stylized Graphics with Epic Battles

The game needs to obtain $70,000 / €52,200 until December 25 on Kickstarter

A new tactical cooperative RPG with some interesting mechanics and action set in a dark retro-futuristic diesel-punk setting is now up on Kickstarter. It is called “InSomnia” and it requires $70,000 / €52,200 until December 25 in order to have players experience it.

The game brings forth a universe full of rich gameplay with constant updates, stylized graphics as well as some epic battles. Moreover, there is this feeling of abandonment and disorientation that surrounds it all.

Players must prepare themselves for surprising situations, nonlinear story structures and Easter eggs that seem to appear sporadically. By staying in touch with their fellow players, gamers will be able to understand what exactly InSomnia is about.

A great feature is that it allows players to choose from taking on quests all by themselves or play in co-op with two or three friends.

InSomnia incorporates a combat system that is real-time, something common to an online RPG, but it includes tactical elements as well. Being successful requires an intelligent skill distribution, keen reflexes, fast thinking and clear role assignment.

Moreover, the cooperative RPG has procedurally generated events, providing new and unique Missions plus Activities. The equipment won't be boring, as a comprehensive craft and equipment management system keeps everything interesting and varied.

In addition to this, “human-like artificial intelligence for NPC’s and environmental objects provide a deep challenge and immersion for players.”

Concerning the plot, one should know that it is divided into Chapters. As a new player joins in, the story continues and is constantly updated. Characters that are created six months after the game's launch will have different starting conditions from those that were created at launch.

The events in the game unfold in real time and will actually differ for everybody. The choices one makes will affect the fate of others.

Therefore, this is not the typical MMORPG where there are no consequences to a player's actions. This time, gamers will be able to change the “world” with their characters.

InSomnia Online combines “elements from Film Noir, retro-futurism, diesel-punk and the body of post-apocalypse literature. Add to the mix slick, believable characters, atmospheric locations, a pervading sense of foreboding and the unknown, and InSomnia becomes a distinctively interesting and sophisticated proposition.”

In case you want to help the team from Studio MONO reach its goals, pledge your support on the game's Kickstarter page.

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