In-N-Out Chain Produces Youngest Female Billionaire in America

30-year-old Lynsi Torres is the heiress to the fast food chain empire

As the heiress to In-N-Out Burgers, 30-year-old Lynsi Torres has been dubbed the youngest female billionaire in America. Wikipedia informs that her grandparents Harry and Esther Snyder started the business in 1948.

She mostly keeps to herself, which makes the photo posted above very rare. It has been captured after a racing tournament as Lynsi is a professional drag racer, competing on a 1970 Barracuda and a 1984 Camaro.

According to Esquire, Torres, the president of the In-N-Out Burgers fast food chain, lacks a college degree or managerial studies.

She also acts as CFO at Healing Hearts & Nations, a charity organization that aims to build training centers in Africa and India.

She first married at 18 years old, a year after her father, H. Guy Snyder, died of an overdose. She is currently at her third marriage, and shares a $17 million mansion in Bradbury, California with husband Val Torres Jr., a contractor and fellow competitive driver.

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