In 2013 We Should Expect to See Novel Approaches to Bitcoin Mining, Experts Say

Some interesting predictions for next year from Bitdefender

Bitdefender has released an interesting set of predictions for the year to come. Experts reveal that in 2013 cybercriminals will come up with new approaches to Bitcoin mining.

Over the past period, a number of cybercriminal groups have turned to Bitcoin mining on compromised computers to make a profit. As the virtual currency becomes increasingly important in the global economic ecosystem, the money-making tactic will probably be deployed on a wider scale.

Other predictions made by Bitdefender refer to attacks against the hypervisor.

“As virtualization becomes the next big thing for millions of customers worldwide, and businesses and services are moving to cloud-based virtual environments, cyber-criminals will try to find new ways to subvert the entire server and the virtual machines running on top of its hypervisor,” experts explained.

Another interesting forecast is about the release of new mobile operating systems, such as the Firefox OS, which is set to be released next year. New products always have design flaws and the security holes will likely expose users to all sorts of cyberattacks.

The complete predictions are available in Bitdefender’s H2 2012 Executive Summary.

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