In 2013 Africa Will Become a Safe Haven for Cybercriminals – Video

Trend Micro makes some interesting cyber security predictions for the year to come

Similar to other security solutions providers, Trend Micro has also released a series of interesting predictions for 2013. According to one of them, Africa will likely become a safe harbor for cybercriminals.

The old continent’s Internet infrastructure continues to improve and cybercriminals might choose it as their destination when running from their own country’s law enforcement.

“Cybercrime flourishes in regions with weak law enforcement, especially where criminals who may contribute to local economies do not target local residents and organizations,” experts explain.

“Enforcing anti-cybercrime laws is difficult even in developed countries. If our research on the Chinese and Russian underground economies is any indication, cybercrime in Africa may just become a local growth industry.”

Other interesting predictions for 2013 are available in Trend Micro’s complete report called “Security threats to businesses, the digital lifestyle, and the cloud.” You can also check out the video in which Raimund Genes, Trend Micro CTO, gives his security predictions for next year.

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