In 200 Years' Time, Natural Blond Women Will Be Extinct!

Or not?

In two centuries' time, the suicide blond will no longer exist. Scientists say that in 200 years the mix of races will make natural blond hair become a rarity.

Researchers cited by the French publication "Le Monde" say that the number of natural blond people will decrease significantly in the following decades. They said the last blond will be born in Finland by 2,200, but the World Health Organization did not comment on this. „To be born blond, you have to inherit a double set of genes for the trait, one from the father, and one from the mother", explained geneticist Axel Kahn.

By now, there are 6,5 billion people on Earth and by 2050, their number will overcome 9 billion, the difference of about 3 billion being delivered by Africa, Asia and South America, areas where blond people are a rarity.

This means that, overall, the genes for black-haired people will dominate, so that the probability for a man or a woman to have blond hair will decrease, believes Axel Kahn. In his opinion, a realistic hypothesis is the emergence of a mixed human type, like the Brazilian one.

Still, this is somehow naïve, as it ignores many behavioral, political and social factors. First, humans have sexual preferences, and the majority of people tend to marry onto their own ethnic group. Another issue is that the whole planet is not like a huge country, where anybody can go wherever he/she wants, whenever he/she wants, that's why the mix is not that intense.

The decreasing number of blond persons will boom the myth regarding the superiority of blond people, fear sociologists. „It is the myth founding the human racial disparity, its most raving variant being the Hitler's racism", said psychoanalyst Samuel Lepastier.

He linked this to the Indo-European invasion of Europe. This started about 5,000 years ago. These tribes emerged in Central Asia or at the north of the Caspian Sea. They were the initial genetic blond-haired blue-eyed human group. Their iron processing technology and skilled horse-riding ensured them a superiority on warfare over previous black-haired European populations, and the blond people, from the initial Celts, Old Greeks, Thracians and Latins to later Germans and Slavs, were regarded as the conquering warlords.

"On the other hand, in what concerns sexual attraction for the blond women, it is clear: the fewer they will be, the more desired they will be", said Canadian anthropologist Peter Frost.

Hair color is determined by several genes (that's why the human hair is not strictly blond or black, it can pass through various shades of brown or red) that determine the amount of eumelanin (the dark pigment) and pheomelanin (the light pigment) stored in the hair. Their variation in the hair, skin or eye's iris, gives the shades of the hair, skin and eye's color. Currently, in Europa and North America, 5% of the adult persons are natural blonds, but 35 % of the European women dye their hair blond.

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