Improve Your Skyrim PC Experience With Two Tweak Guides from Nvidia

Enhance your playthrough of Skyrim with lots of tricks and tweaks

Nvidia has just posted not one but two special tweak guides designed to help increase your experience with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the newest RPG from Bethesda, which shows off just how its graphics settings work and how you can tweak your experience and force the game to look its best, when using an Nvidia video card, of course.

Skyrim was released last month and quickly became a cult classic, impressing millions of gamers and getting them hooked on its huge amount of content which easily demands well over 100 hours of playtime.

Sadly, while the RPG is quite impressive and manages to show off the power of its enhanced engine through the great visuals, the game can do a lot more, as highlighted by a variety of mods that were made by fans and added things like high quality textures or more detailed objects, from armors and swords to the night sky or the water.

Now, in order to help out its customers who bought Skyrim and want to take full advantage of their Nvidia graphics cards, the company has posted two special tweak guides that present hints and tricks to make the game shine.

First, we have a guide that does a full rundown of the different graphics settings in the actual game, showing off how Skyrim looks with settings like Anti Aliasing or Anisotropic filtering, while teaching you how to tweak them to get the best looking result.

For those who want their virtual hands dirty, the second tweak guide uses a third party utilitary called the Nvidia Inspector, while asking players to edit Skyrim’s special .ini files in order to force some effects and graphics settings.

Check out both of the lengthy tweak guides and then come back to share with us the result of your tinkering with Skyrim.

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