ImperialDown Hackers Threaten Ukrainian Government After Demonoid Takedown

The hacktivists have issued a short statement to reveal their plans

Ukrainian hacktivists from the ImperialDown collective have revealed their ongoing support for Operation Demonoid. They plan on continuing the campaign initiated by Anonymous against the Ukrainian government.

The hackers’ mission is to fight for the freedom of the Internet and to free Ukraine from the “bureaucracy that steals from their people,” AnonPR reports.

ImperialDown has participated in the recent attacks against Ukrainian government websites and servers and they plan on continuing their campaign, claiming that they’ve acquired “new powers.”

”We fight for a free Ukraine from this government oppression. We had a site but godaddy closed it down due to a request by the FBI. After that, we had to go to another country, because we have problems with the Ukraine police about this,” they stated.

“Now we are opening a new front to Ukraine government. In February Ukraine police shut down – a favorite free torrent tracker in the Ukraine, after that we will fight and win, because people are coming to our aide.”

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