Illuminati, Satanist Conspiracies Abound Around Blue Ivy Carter

Hype around Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter takes over Twitter

Blue Ivy Carter is barely three days old but she's already a star on her own. The daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, born over the weekend in NYC, is the newest member of the Illuminati, word on Twitter has it.

Just as it happened with her conspiracy, some people simply can't accept that Jay and Bey are just people as well and that, as normal people, they might have had a normal child.

Instead, they claim Blue Ivy comes to join her famous parents as a member of the Illuminati and that the key to that is to be found in her very name.

Twitter is now buzzing with speculation on that – you can see the whole thing going down by following the #Illuminati hashtag.

“Ivy (position in alphabet) - I=9 V=22 Y=25 - 2+2+2+5=11 - 11x9=99 - flip 99 round and add another 6 and you get 666 :O,” one user tweets.

Another adds that the baby's name is actually a reworking of the Latin name of Satan's daughter, quite a huge “burden” to throw on the shoulders of such a young child.

“Jay-Z & Beyonce named their daughter Ivy Blue, Ivy Blue = Eulb Yvi, which was the name of lucifer's daughter in latin !” says the user on the same social networking website.

Another suggests numerology is the key to solve the mystery, but he employs a different strategy than the first one mentioned here.

“Ivy (Y is the 25th letter) 25-1 (One mother) =24. 24x0 (Solange #1 tracks) = 0 0+666= 666 #Illuminati,” he writes, more as a joke, one might assume.

Another links the birth of Blue Ivy with Jay-Z's album.

“Blue=Blueprint.. Ivy = IV = 4 . Blueivy = blueprint 4 = 12th studio album = 12th wonder of the world!” he writes.

Speaking of Blue Ivy and music, just 2 days old, she'd already become a recording artist when her father put out a tribute song featuring her on it.

The song is called “Glory” and, as we also reported yesterday, it has Jay tell the world this baby girl was the best thing he ever did in his life.

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