"Talking" Trees: Illegally Cut Trees in Brazil Soon to Literally Cry Out for Help

The trees will be fitted with devices that alert authorities when they are cut and moved

Illegal deforestations constitute a serious threat to the environment, which is why one cannot help but be glad to hear that appropriate measures are being taken in order to put an end to this practice.

Recent news from Brazil says that the country's government is now looking into the possibility of forcing illegal loggers' hand into staying clear of protected trees by making the latter literally cry out for help.

More precisely, the country's trees are to be fitted with wireless devices whose sole job will be that of alerting authorities whenever they are cut and moved.

Mongabay reports that such devices are to be referred to as Invisible Tracck, and that each of them will be able to function for an entire year prior to its needing a new battery.

These innovative devices were developed by researchers working with a Brazilian technology company known as Cargo Tracck.

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