Illegal Intel Tactics Described in Book Written by Former AMD Leader [WSJ]

Hector Ruiz wants to make sure people know what happened back then

Back in 2005, Advanced Micro Devices filed a set of antitrust charges against Intel Corporation, accusing it of uncompetitive behavior, bribes, threats, or variations thereof.

Years ago, the drawn-out feud between the two was settled, with AMD getting paid a token amount of money.

The deal meant that both companies would drop all outstanding claims and prejudices, at least officially.

Former AMD head Hector Ruiz never really felt at ease with the outcome though, which is why he sat down and wrote a book about "Project Slingshot," as he called the antitrust suit against Intel.

Said book has about 200 pages and, according to The Wall Street Journal, “comes with heavy doses of David versus Goliath imagery.” In the book, AMD is described as someone trying to free an industry from the “ruthless grip of Intel.”

Obviously, Intel maintains its stance that it never broke laws and that consumers benefited from its business practices.

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