Illegal Attempted HP Equipment Sale to Iran Helped by Huawei Reuters

The company's partner Skycom was not acting on its counsel alone

Yet more legal drama is unfolding, this time involving not Samsung and Apple but HP, Huawei, Skycom and the country of Iran.

Some may not know this, but Iran is under US trade sanctions because of the fears that the former is trying to develop nuclear weapons.

That is why Skycom trying to sell embargoed electronics to the country was not taken very well.

Huawei, whose subsidiary Skycom happens to be, fell under scrutiny, and it has now been found that the company wasn't oblivious to what had been happening, or would have happened (Skycom tried to sell HP electronic equipment in 2010 but failed).

According to Reuters, Huawei CFO Cathy Meng is a tight link between the two companies (she worked as Skycom secretary at the time).

We'll be waiting to see what comes of this.

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