If Google Buys Yahoo...

An imaginary acquisition

What if Google buys Yahoo and the software giant Microsoft remains a single company fighting for the power of the Internet? Well, a lot of things would change but not necessary as a good improvement for the users. Let's have a simple analysis. If Google buys Yahoo and the giant portal becomes a Mountain View trademark, there is no powerful competitor for the search giant. Because at this time, Yahoo is the only company able to compete with Google and offer powerful solutions. Take the example of the search technology that is surely one of the main attractions for both companies. Google owns the best service while Yahoo struggles to remain in the competition.

If Microsoft buys Yahoo, the software giant has a chance to challenge the Mountain View company and bring its search technologies closers to Google's. I think all of you admit that Live Search is not a powerful alternative for Google Search so, a possible implementation of Yahoo Search in the Windows operating system is quite a chance to restart the competition.

The mail solutions provided by the two companies are also two famous Internet rivals as Yahoo Mail is the oldest service while Gmail is regarded as the most efficient antispam product. If Google buys Yahoo, Gmail remains a single mail service, without no competitor and somehow without any reason to become more powerful and efficient.

Most of you might think that a possible Yahoo acquisition made by Google would make the search giant the most powerful company on the Internet. It is probably true but think a little bit: the competition is good especially for us, the users because the companies are stimulated to develop better products. And if Google buys Yahoo, there no competition anymore...

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