Identity Lifecycle Manager 2 RTM in 2010

RC2 in Q3 2009

Microsoft will continue cooking Identity Lifecycle Manager 2 well into next year. The Redmond company indicated that it would not be able to take the solution out of the oven ahead of the start of 2010. In fact, the release to manufacturing date for ILM2 is expected to be in the first quarter of 2010, although a specific date has yet to be provided. At this point in time users are able to download the first Release Candidate development milestone of ILM2, which was initially made available for download in November 2008.

“Our current Release Candidate program has been successful with thousands of customer downloads. A variety of customers have told us that innovative features like desktop based self-service capabilities and centralized IT tools will allow them to increase the reach of identity and access management across their enterprises. They plan to use ILM “2” in a wide variety of situations and scenarios,” revealed a member of the Server and Tools Business team.

Ahead of RTM, Microsoft expects to deliver another Release Candidate build. In this regard, Identity Lifecycle Manager 2 RC2 is planned for the third quarter of 2009. Microsoft explained that the prolonged development process of ILM2 is designed to ensure that customers will benefit from the best experience possible in scenarios involving deployment, migration and management. ILM2 needs additional time to bake in long-running live deployments, the software giant explained, ahead of being released to the public.

“With the new RC1 we will deliver additional deployment and management tools, along with expanded documentation, providing: a clear migration path from RC1 to RTM; improved policy management; the ability to easily migrate deployments from test to production environments; [and] enabling self-service password reset on Windows XP Service Pack 2 in addition to Service Pack 3,” the ILM team representative added.

Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" RC Release is available for download here.

Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" RC Demo Virtual Hard Disk Image can be downloaded from here.

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