Identify Music with Verizon's V CAST Song ID

The service identifies the song and lets users purchase a matching full-track song, ringtone or ringback tone

Verizon Wireless announced the availability of V CAST Song ID, an enhancement to the V CAST Music service that allows users to easily identify songs. With V CAST Song ID, when users hear a song, they can capture a sample of what they are listening to on their phone and the service will identify the song. V CAST Song ID also lets consumers purchase the matching full-track song, ringtone or ringback tone over-the-air right from the cell phone.

To use the service, customers only need a V CAST Music-enabled phone to start identifying recorded music playing on the radio, in a club, on the street or from virtually any music source. V CAST Song ID can identify more than four million songs, spanning almost all music genres, from the latest chart toppers to '80s rock classics. When the user places the phone near a music source and records a 10-second clip, V CAST Song ID names the artist, song and album title. After successful recognition, the application will determine if the song is available as a full-track song, ringtone or ringback tone and directly launch the Verizon Wireless' V CAST Music store where the consumer has the option to purchase and download the track.

Mike Lanman, Verizon Wireless chief marketing officer, commented: "Launching V CAST Song ID is yet another reason why Americans who want the best mobile music experience are switching to Verizon Wireless. At a time when some of our competitors won't even allow you to download your music over-the-air, Verizon Wireless is pushing forward by offering Song ID for free. We'll help you find the music you love, then make it easy for you to buy."

V CAST Song ID is available as a free download on V CAST Music-enabled phones in the Music and Tones section of the Get It Now virtual store. Once downloaded, consumers can use the application for free to identify songs.

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