Identical Twins Marry Other Identical Twins, Sister Has Twin Babies

The pairs got engaged and married on the same day

Twins run in the Sanders family, in which 2 identical twin sisters married a pair of identical twin brothers.

As it goes, Darlene and Diane Nettemeier met their sweethearts at a twins' festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. They both spotted Mark Sanders (far right in the picture), and were relieved to know his sibling was also available.

Mark ultimately married Darlene, and his brother Craig tied the knot with Diane. The four of them live in Texas, Daily Mail writes. They built houses right next door to each other.

They were also engaged, and married on the same day, with the brides sharing a wedding dress design. In 2001, Diane and Craig had two sons and, incredibly enough, they turned out to be identical twins.

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