IdeaPad Yoga 11 Finally Selling, Lenovo Taking Orders for Yoga 11

The prices will put many people off, unfortunately

We knew that Lenovo would start taking orders for the IdeaPad Yoga series in time for the holidays, but any hopes of the prices being accessible to the public at large have been thoroughly dashed.

Back when Lenovo formally introduced the IdeaPad Yoga 13 and Yoga 11, what we called multi-mode tablets, we hoped consumers would get the chance to pay less than the expected sums for them.

Unfortunately, Lenovo waited until after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so whatever special offers it consented to won't last long.

Also, the hardware remains unchanged from the initial blueprints, and since there hasn't been any upheaval in the PC component industry, PC part prices have stayed mostly the same as well.

As such, since nothing major has changed during the past month (Lenovo launched the Yoga tablet-ultrabook hybrids in October 2012), neither have the MSRPs.

In the US, the 11-inch Ultrabook with 360-degree display hinge will become a worldly possession in return for $849 / 656-849 Euro (32 GB storage space), or $949 / 733-949 Euro (64 GB capacity).

This page, however, lists them at $679 / 524-679 Euro and $759 / 586-759 Euro, respectively. That means savings of $169.80 / 131-169 Euro and $189.80 / 146-189 Euro.

IdeaPad Yoga is an NVIDIA Tegra 3-powered laptop of sorts, whose PC can bend backwards enough to sit back-to-back with the lower half.

The hardware includes, besides the ARM platform and the HD LCD (1366 x 768 pixels) of 11 inches, 2 GB of RAM, NAND Flash storage and a USB 2.0 port.

A warning: Yoga 11 isn't a viable option for a Christmas present. Lenovo may be taking orders for it, but it won't ship them for 4 weeks still.

On that note, prospective buyers should keep in mind that the ETA (estimated time of arrival) places availability around the same time as CES 2012, when new tablets, laptops and unconventional devices (like Yoga 11 itself is) debut.

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