Idaho Congressman Staffer Fired for Posting Saucy “Two Broke Girls” Tweet

Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador’s spokesman Phil Hardy has been terminated

A tweet from Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador’s account has made history after the Super Bowl, and got a staffer fired.

Longtime spokesman and “coalitions director” Phil Hardy posted a comment on the congressman's Twitter account, and it referred to a saucy, pole-dancing “Two Broke Girls” game ad which can be watched here.

“Me Likey Broke Girls,” his message reads.

According to the Idaho Statesman, it was only online for 14 seconds until being deleted. Unfortunately for Hardy, the tweet snapper Politwoops website picked it up.

By posting the message, they have not only revealed the Hill staffer's admiration for Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, but also his incapacity of telling his work account from his personal one.

A spokesperson for the congressman has issued an apology, and Hardy has reportedly been fired when news of his tweet broke.

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