Icy Dock Launched Icy RAID Case That Saves Data When HDDs Die

The Icy Raid is a dual-bay storage unit that can handle 8 TB

On the surface, the Icy Raid hard disk drive enclosure doesn't really look all that different from the many other HDD cases released over the years, save perhaps in terms of how silver-white it is, due to the aluminum body.

Bearing the part number MB662U3-2S, it has two drive bays, each of which can accept a 3.5-inch HDD of up to 4 TB.

The full specifications are neatly listed on the product page, located here, so we will only mention the highlights.

In addition to SATA 6.0 Gbps performance and built-in RAID, the ability to save data in case of HDD failure stands out.

I-O Data has also implemented a power saver mode and a security slot for security cable kit, plus compatibility with Mac OS X Time Machine and PC systems.

A final mention goes to the high-performance 40 mm Sunon MAGLev cooling fan.

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