Icelanders Vote for Crowdsourced Constitution

The new constitution was put together with input via Facebook and Twitter

Iceland is a peculiar place and the isolation and tough conditions make its people stick together more than you'd expect. The fact is that the country has a very small population, a third of them living in the capital Reykjavík.

The country was hit hard by the economic crisis, after becoming a powerful economic center in the first part of the last decade.

Since then, the country has been trying to rebuild its economy and focus on other areas, mostly on the Internet and technology.

The crisis and the need to get out of it created an even more transparent government than before and now, the country's population has approved the crowdsourced constitution that was put together over the past couple of years.

A group of 25 people, the Constitutional Council, created the draft version and feedback was taken from the population, via social media.

The suggestions coming from Facebook and Twitter helped shape the document which was presented in front of the Parliament last summer.

The document was now put to a vote. Almost half of the voting population expressed its view and 66 of those who voted were for the revised document.

The vote is nonbinding, but the document could be put into a bill in two weeks. It would still have to be approved by the Parliament, the main opposition party is against it.

People in the country aren't convinced that the Parliament will heed the crowdsourced document and there is political opposition against the document. Furthermore, not everyone is convinced that the document should serve as the basis for the new constitution, designed to replace the 1944 one.

Still, all political parties are noting that there is a very clear interest in the document and the matter that plenty of people, from those who contributed, to those who voted, are much more involved in these matters than it would be expected.

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