Iceland Resumes Hunting Fin Whales

Fin whales are listed as an endangered species, Iceland has no business slaughtering them

Earlier this week, Iceland resumed hunting fin whales. It's been two years since the country last slaughtered several dozen such animals.

Fin whales are presently listed as an endangered species, which is why the news that Iceland is hunting and killing them once again took the online community by storm.

People from all corners of the world were quick to condemn Iceland for its decision to resume hunting these marine mammals, sources report.

Conservationists have learned that, during this year's hunting season, the country intends to track down and butcher 184 such marine mammals.

Their remains will be shipped to Japan, which apparently is the primary market for fin whale meat.

After learning about Iceland's plans, greenheads have started a petition asking that Secretary Sally Jewell force the country to quit killing these animals.

Those wishing to sign this petition can do so here.

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