Ice Lady Gets Life Sentence for Double Murder of Ex-Husband and Lover

34-year-old Estibaliz Carranza will be serving her time in a mental institution

34-year-old Estibaliz Carranza is facing a life sentence, after being sentenced for the double murder of her ex-husband and her boyfriend.

According to the Daily Mail, she will be serving her life sentence in a mental institution.

The Austrian woman has been dubbed the "Ice Lady," by media outlets, having executed both men in cold blood, while standing next to them, and showing a complete lack of emotion during the trial.

Police found she shot them at close range, in the back of their heads. She then went on to dispose of the bodies by hacking them apart with a chainsaw, freezing and pouring concrete over them.

The victims' bodies were found in her cellar, under her ice-cream parlor. The Mexican-Spanish immigrant used a 22-caliber Beretta to shoot her husband as he was working on his computer. Four years later, she murdered ice-cream machine salesman Manfred Hinterberger, while they were in bed.

She confessed to both murders, even telling the judge she feels remorse over the killings.

"All I can say is that I'm sorry I took the lives of Holger and Manfred," she said in court.

Offering a motivation for her actions, the “Ice Lady” explained her husband had become abusive towards her, in a verbal manner, was lazy, and intended to join a cult. She divorced him, but he was refusing to move out, even as she found a new boyfriend.

She killed Manfred with four shots in the back, as he was sleeping. She believed he was being unfaithful, but, as she tried to confront him, he turned his back to her, fell asleep and started snoring.

The judge looked at the evidence presented by the prosecution, and the expert testimony of a psychiatrist. Doctor Heidi Kastner told the court Carranza would kill again, as she suffered from a "grave, comprehensive, multi-faceted personality disorder."

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