Ice Cream Sandwich to Include the Chrome Browser

Google plans on enhancing the Internet browsing on Android

This week, Mountain View-based Internet giant Google is expected to bring to the spotlight a new flavor of their Android operating system, one that would be called Ice Cream Sandwich, and which should include, it seems, a mobile version of the Chrome browser as well.

In a recent article, the guys over at ConceivablyTech note that the Chrome for Android mobile browser will indeed arrive on the new version of the OS, and that it should be announced on October 19th, along with the Ice Cream Sandwich Android iteration.

The main reason behind the inclusion of Chrome in Android is said to be the fact that the new browser should deliver increased performance capabilities when compared to the native Android application.

Sporting the Chrome Webkit code base, the new mobile application should bring Android and Chrome OS a bit closer.

The Chrome browser already got a number of over 200 million users, Google announced not too long ago, and is on track to surpass the market share of Firefox, some of the latest data show.

Recently, Google announced that they have already activated a number of more than 190 million Android devices, and that the number is growing fast.

This will bring Chrome to a large new user base, although the app will have to compete with a series of already established browsers available for the Android platform.

Mozilla already has its Firefox browser available on the OS, and has recently brought the Aurora and Beta flavors into the mix as well, and the same applies to Opera, with its Opera Mini and Opera Mobile applications.

Other browsers that Android users can benefit from include BOLT, Dolphin Browser (HD and Mini versions), Skyfire, and more.

The official announcement on the new Ice Cream Sandwich OS flavor is only a few days away, and all on the new Chrome for Android browser might be unveiled at that time, so stay tuned for more on the matter.

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