Ian Somerhalder Is About to Become a Grandpa

The actor's rescued pooch, Nietzsche, is expecting

Actor Ian Somerhalder, whom many know best from his role in “The Vampire Diaries,” is about to become a grandfather.

Thus, it looks like Nietzsche, one of his adopted pooches, is expecting and, judging by the size of her belly in the picture above, will soon give birth.

The actor broke the news to his fans on Twitter, and many jumped at the chance to congratulate him.

“Im a GRANDPA!Am I too young???My Nietzsche with a little belly full babies-about to reek [sic] havoc in our house…,” he told his followers, as cited by Ecorazzi.

Seeing how Ian Somerhalder keeps telling people that they should spay and neuter their pets, odds are that, when he rescued Nietzsche back in August, she was already pregnant.

The actor will probably see to it that Nietzsche gets spayed shortly after she delivers her puppies.

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