Ian McKellen on “X-Men” Sequel: I Have No Idea Where Magneto Fits In

Actor says he’s yet to sign the contract but he’ll certainly be in the movie

Now that Bryan Singer has confirmed that both Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are reprising their roles in the upcoming “X-Men” sequel, “Days of Future Past,” only one question remains: how will the old versions of the characters fit in with the younger ones?

Well, if you ask Sir Ian McKellen (which MTV News did, as the video below will confirm), not even he knows how that will play out.

The actor says he’s yet to sign a contract to reprise his Magneto role but fans needn’t worry: he’ll certainly be in the movie.

He also says he has not seen a script for “Days of Future Past” yet, but he has an idea as to how his and Stewart’s characters will be inserted into the story.

“I suspect it's a flashback. The comics do go to and fro in time,” he says. He’s also open to the idea of having his Magneto and Michael Fassbender’s younger version share the screen for a bit.

“Wouldn't that be fun. I'd hope he'd enjoy it as much as I would,” the actor laughs.

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