ITRI Accepts Two 2011 R&D 100 Awards for Green Breakthroughs

Pestigious R&D Magazine gives ITRI credit for developing the e-paper and HyTAC

ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) represents one of the most important companies in Taiwan which deals with high-tech research and the development of new ideas. In Orlando, the company's representatives will receive two 2011 R&D 100 Awards for inventing two outstanding devices which, once used on a large scale, would manage to reduce costs for enterprises.

Also, applying this strategy would impose a conduct which should reflect an increased level of awareness towards environmental issues. ITRI's discovery which first came into the attention of this influent magazine is the i2Re-Paper, the first example of electronic paper which is 100% re-usable, and therefore, earth friendly.

The second achievement that took home another award is HyTAC . This item is known for being the greenest polarizer protective film used for so many products, in the process of creating LCD displays.

The announcement generated a lot of excitement among the company's representatives. "It is a great honor to be recognized again by a publication as prestigious and influential as R&D Magazine. We expect both of these technologies to be breakthroughs in their respective industries,” declared general director of ITRI's Display Technology Center, Dr. Janglin (John) Chen.

The company's main objective is to create and develop new gadgets which would ease the life of people whose work depends on the usage of common products, such as paper or LCDs. By making these component both more efficient and sustainable, Chen wants to makes sure people will improve their performance while also taking care of the environment. Most of the offices require significant quantities of paper.

By replacing the traditional one with a re-writable i2Re-Paper, the companies could reduce a lot of their costs and adopt a green attitude. i2R e-Paper needs heat in order to store and generate images. Therefore, we save regular paper and ink at the time.

Also, another advantage is the fact that we can use the same e-paper up to 300 times. It is very important that, regardless of its size, the i2R e-Paper does not require energy use when it comes to stocking images. For this function, e-paper uses the heat generated by the thermal head. When it's time to re-write, all that one must do is to put the paper in a thermal printer device.

HyTAC is considered a major, earth friendly finding, since it replaces the traditional triacetyl cellulose (TAC) manufacturing processes. HyTAC is a polarizer protective film for liquid crystal displays (LCD) which helps the companies abandon the usage of toxic chemicals required to obtain traditional TAC film, an item on which the production of LCDs depends on.

The awarded company though about all those disadvantages and came up with the idea for HyTAC. The new concept is based on the usage of organic and inorganic silicon dioxide nano hybrid material technology, which should replace for good the toxic compounds.

After using ITRI's latest innovation on a large scale all, across the globe, the companies which manufacture LCD displays will be able to brag about the fact that they have launched on the market products which are up to 50 percent more eco-friendly, considerably more efficient, safer and cheaper at the same time.

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