ISS Astronaut Chris Hadfield Talks About Adjusting to Life with Gravity – Video

Two NASA astronauts joined him in a Google+ Hangout

Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield kept busy in space, but he always had a photo or video to share. So imagine what he can do now that he's back on Earth.

One of the things he can do, for example, is participate on an hour long Google+ Hangout, along with NASA astronauts Kevin Ford, Tom Marshburn.

Ford returned to Earth from Expedition 34, while Hadfield and Mashburn have been back for less than a week and are still recovering.

The three answered questions from the Hangout participants but also from Google+ users ranging over all sorts of topics, from trivial to really introspective ones.

Hadfield has become an international star during his stay aboard the ISS and he continues to be active on Twitter, though he hasn't had much spare time on Earth either as he's still very busy with the recovery program.

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