(ISC)2 Launches Mentoring Scheme for Women Interested in IT Security

The program will be officially launched on June 2

The (ISC)2’s Women in Security (WiS) group is launching a mentoring program designed to help women interested in the information security industry. 

The mentoring scheme aims at encouraging more women to join the IT security industry. However, the program is not only for new entrants, but also for experienced professionals.

Both male and female practitioners will act as mentors.

“Our members bring invaluable information security experience from across industries,” said Emili Evripidou, coordinator of the WiS group and information security consultant at Ernst & Young.

“This mentoring scheme will support women with all levels of experience by helping them to evaluate their options, explore areas of interest and identify new career paths to meet their professional and personal goals.”

The program will be officially launched on July 2 at an invitation-only event hosted by Ernst & Young at the firm’s offices in central London.

Considering that there are only a few women in information security, and considering that the role of women in the tech industry is often controversial, I cannot help but applaud such initiatives.

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