IRS Seizes All of Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Accounts to Cover Unpaid Taxes

Star’s troubles increase, as reports claim she’s downing 2 bottles of vodka a day

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again: just days after being arrested (unjustly so, she says) for assault on a female patron in a NYC club, the IRS just seized all her bank accounts to cover her outstanding debts, it has emerged.

Lindsay’s financial situation has been sketchy for years, mostly because she’s hardly done any work to cover what is obviously a very expensive lifestyle.

Just recently, for instance, she reportedly got a hefty check from actor Charlie Sheen meant to help her cover some of her outstanding taxes.

It wasn’t enough, TMZ reports: because she failed to pay her taxes, the IRS seized her bank accounts in one final attempt to cover the debt.

“The IRS has seized ALL of her bank accounts in order to repay her massive outstanding debt. Uncle Sam has filed tax liens against Lindsay for the years 2009 and 2010 — claiming she owes $233,904 [€179,539.5] in unpaid federal taxes,” TMZ reports.

Charlie Sheen generously paid Lindsay $100,000 [€76,757] to help alleviate Lindsay’s 2009 tax problem — but we’re told Charlie’s check barely scratched the surface, because Lindsay also owes money for 2011,” the same media outlet says.

TMZ adds that the IRS has given Lindsay plenty of time to pay her taxes but is now feeling that this method is the only one solution left to get her to do that.

Admittedly, Lohan is “desperate” to get out of this, and is thinking of ways to come up with the money to pay her debs. Perhaps Charlie Sheen will be feeling generous again, who knows.

In other Lohan-related news, TMZ notes in a separate post that she’s been downing about 2 bottles of vodka a day but, despite that, thinks that she doesn’t need rehab because she’s got the problem in check.

Her drinking has been getting worse in these past couple of weeks, when the stress of her comeback and then the arrest were all she could think of. Friends are worried she might go off the rails anytime now if she doesn’t go to rehab ASAP.

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