IPSW Software Update Available for 6G iPods, Adds Clock Faces

Get Apple’s latest nano by simply updating the software on your old one

Apple this week announced several new things, including one iPhone 4S, a new version of the iPod touch that also comes in White now, and a new set of nanos which look the same but have new software and a more attractive price tag.

Apple basically just updated the software on its 2010 6th generation iPod nanos and the company is now selling the players 20 dollars cheaper, at $129 (roughly 96 EUR).

They’re the same players Apple introduced last year, meaning their hardware hasn’t changed at all. The underlying software, however, has.

iPod nano software version 1.2 brings easier navigation with two icon sizes, this being the first change documented by Apple in the release notes.

As users connect their device to iTunes, the changelog informs that new large icons and optional small icons can now be the new way to browse content on the nano’s 1.5-inch screen.

What else? There’s a new fitness feature with built-in accelerometer support which makes it easier to set for either walking or running. It works out of the box or with the optional Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

Finally (and probably most importantly for many avid fans of the player), the new software version delivers what Apple calls “new clock faces”.

Those who like wearing their nano as a watch will be delighted to see there are 18 different clock face designs to choose from, allowing them to have a new watch style for every occasion.

“Sport an analog face for a formal event, go digital for a retro feel, or choose a whimsical, animated character like Mickey Mouse or Kermit the Frog,” Apple says on the marketing page of the iPod nano.

Those who haven’t picked up on this trend just yet can choose one of many color options for the iPod nano and then go out and buy a watchband that has been specifically designed for the player to wear as a watch.

To update the software on your iPod nano 6G, simply connect it to your Mac or PC and let iTunes guide you through the steps.


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