IKEA Staff in China Changing Sheets, Allowing Clients to Sleep in Model Beds

A Hong Kong store has even organized a sleeping promotional event

Potential customers are now officially allowed to sleep in the model beds in the Chinese IKEA stores. To make them more comfortable, the furniture giant is having employees change the bedsheets.

Napping on the beds has apparently become a crowd favorite, and the company believes that they might return and buy the bed.

"Today's visitors could be tomorrow's clients," Ikea's China press spokesperson Linda Xu says.

According to The Local, the company opened three more stores in Hong Kong recently. One of the locations held a celebration, inviting people to sleep at the store.

The event was titled "Sleeptober" and many even brought picnic baskets and made a day of it. Apparently, IKEA "bent over backwards" to make the shoppers feel at home, even if they weren't buying anything.

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