IE10 on Windows 7 Breaks Down Aero

Lots of consumers complain that the IE10 preview kills the Aero GUI

Internet Explorer 10 has arrived on Windows 7 platforms this week, but it appears that this particular version is pretty buggy and causes users more trouble than good.

Several consumers have already posted messages on Microsoft’s support forums, asking for help as Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview broke down the Aero interface on Windows 7.

“I have dual monitors, one is on landscape orientation and the other is in portrait orientation. I noticed when I switched the second monitor from landscape orientation to portrait orientation aero breaks. The OS shows the basic theme rather than Aero,” one user wrote.

“I'm using an Nvidia gt680 using the 310.54 drivers. I've installed other version of the video card drivers and the same issue occurs. When I roll internet explorer 10 back to 9 the issue resolves itself.”

Sadly, there’s no workaround for the problem at this point, and consumers have no other choice than to go back to Internet Explorer 9 to re-enable Aero.

Removing all startup programs and performing a clean boot doesn’t seem to fix the issue, some users claim. What’s more, uninstalling IE10 Preview from the Windows Update, updating video drivers or installing the beta drivers do not make any difference.

Microsoft is yet to issue a fix on the problem, but further information is very likely to be released in the upcoming days, so we’ll keep you posted.

IE10 for Windows 7 is still in preview stage, but the final build is expected to be released either this year or in early 2013. Since it’s a preview version, users have already spotted plenty of bugs, so unless you’re really eager to get a taste of the new IE flavor, you’re recommended to stick to IE9.

If you’re looking for more information on the IE10 bugs or in case you want to submit your own, check out this page.

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