IE10 Fails to Impress as IE6 Remains a Top Browser

Users don’t seem to be too interested in Microsoft’s latest browser

Internet Explorer 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s in-house browser and it’s currently installed by default on all Windows 8 devices. What’s more, the company has recently released a preview version for Windows 7 users too, with the final build expected to be released in a few weeks.

Although Microsoft struggles to show everyone that Internet Explorer 10 is capable of providing a stellar web browsing experience (these are Microsoft’s very own words actually), the latest statistics demonstrate that users aren’t quite interested in this new IE version.

We’ve already told you that IE 8 is the most popular browser on the web right now, but those figures released by Net Applications also reveal that IE 10 is yet to take off.

Microsoft’s latest browser had a market share of only 0.51 percent in November, while Internet Explorer 6, a very, very old version of the browser, remained the fifth most popular browser out there with 6.51 percent of the market.

Internet Explorer 6 is thus more popular than other top browsing apps, such as Chrome 22, Safari 6.0 and Opera 12.

As for Internet Explorer 10, the slow adoption rate recorded by Windows 8 is clearly one of the reasons for its disappointing market share, but it’s pretty obvious that Windows 7 users are yet to be impressed by this browser. And according to many of our users, this isn’t a surprising result at all, given the poor performance on Windows 7 machines.

“I just installed the IE10 W7 preview for the third time, and in none of the tries was it any good at all. For one thing it won't access any windows sites - always just says that the page cannot be displayed. The same thing happpens when i try to get to the site of a local PBS radio station…” one of our users explained.

“I use Bing and it won't even let me sign on to the searchpage, though thankfully Bing Desktop still works, but that had been previously installed. All said I was quite disgusted with it, but, thank God, system restore still got rid of it.”

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