“I've Been Stolen” – 5-Year-Old Pennsylvania Girl Found, Speaks of Abduction

Nailla Robinson went missing from William C. Bryant Elementary School on Monday

A 5-year-old girl abducted from school in Pennsylvania on Monday, January 14, was found on a playground, the next day.

Nailla Robinson went missing from William C. Bryant School in Upper Darby. She was picked up by a woman who introduced herself as the girl's mother. School staff thought nothing of it when the little girl did not protest being taken away by the woman.

Tuesday morning at 4:40 a.m., a sanitation worker announced that he had found a girl hiding on the playground he was servicing. She was crying for help, which eventually led the man to her.

“I've been stolen,” she told the attendant that found her. 27-year-old Nelson Mandela Myers is a father himself, and immediately acted to find out what had happened to her.

She was only wearing a wet T-shirt when Myers stumbled across her. She was transported to a hospital, where doctors assessed she was not suffering from hypothermia.

The little girl had not been injured, the Examiner writes. She hid under a slide on the playground, after being left to wander the streets. According to police reports, she had been blindfolded upon release.

She was dumped out of a car, and walked up to someone's house. From there, she was walked to the park by a teenager, who did not alert authorities.

The 5-year-old told police nothing about her abductor, who is still at large. Authorities believe she was not acquainted with the woman, who most likely tricked her into following by wearing the same Muslim garment that the girl's mother wears. Nailla has stated that she did not recognize her.

The kidnapper had the traditional Muslim chador and niqab on, sources say. The niqab partially covered her face.

According to Uptown Magazine, the abductor introduced herself to the staff as Tiffany, and left an illegible signature on her way out.

The school prompted an amber alert when the girl's caretaker asked for her following the after-school program she was set to attend, and was told the girl was already gone.

The school has the mystery woman on CCTV footage, but could not identify her at this point. She had probably met the girl before, having called her by the name Nailla.

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