“I Screwed Up Royally,” General Petraeus Writes to a Friend

Petraeus admits he paid the right price for his mistake

Former CIA Director David Petraeus writes close friend and fellow army man Brig Gen Shelton about the affair with Paula Broadwell and how it has affected his marriage.

As you can read in the mock-up letter above, put together by the Daily Mail, he seems to be apologetic and full of regret. Click on the image to read the entire letter.

“I screwed up royally” is the phrase that first jumps out – a clear admission of guilt. Petraeus goes on to tell Jim that his resignation was the right punishment for his actions.

“I paid the price (appropriately) and I sought to do the right thing, at the end of the day,” the General says.

He hints that his wife Holly has taken him back, saying that he is “incredibly fortunate to marry her,” and naming her as one of the people on his side, “Team Petraeus.”

Sources report the couple spent this Thanksgiving holiday together in their Arlington, Virginia residence, so I can believe they are back together.

What I cannot take seriously is this entire letter, written in a staged and formal manner. Could this be Petraeus's attempt at getting his job back, as journalists suggest he should?

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