I-O Data Releases BRP-U6C Portable Blu-ray Drives

They can read quad-layer and triple-layer disks at 4X

By on April 4th, 2012 11:53 GMT

Adding to the considerable multitude of optical disk drives is I-O Data, whose labs have once again produced some Blu-ray units.

The company has launched the BRP-U6C line, composed of three versions of the same product.

They are called BRP-U6C, BRP-U6CK and BRP-U6CR and are colored Pearl White, Piano Black, and Oriental Red, respectively.

They link to PCs via USB (universal serial bus) and, in addition to Blu-ray disks, can handle DVDs and CDs just fine too.

Since we're on the subject, quad-layer and triple-layer Blu-ray disks are written at up to 4X speed, dual and single-layer at 6X and BD-RE at 2X.

Meanwhile, DVDs can reach 8X and CDs can be scribed at up to 24X.

I-O Data wants 11,500 JPY in exchange for either unit, which is the same as $139 / 105 Euro.

I-O Data BRP-U6C Portable Blu-ray Drives (4 Images)

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