I-O Data Prepares New USB 3.0 Flash Drive Series

It seems that I-O Data is definitely mindful of current trends as far as portable storage solutions are concerned, as is made obvious by the new line of flash drives that it has prepared.

Since USB flash drives are specifically designed with mobility in mind, makers of such devices have been doing their best to reduce their size while also implementing sufficient storage, endurance and fast enough transfer speeds.

This has led to the appearance of USB sticks that are as small as a fingernail or which can withstand tremendous degrees of physical abuse.

Then there are those flash drives that focus on speed and, thus, utilize the latest USB standard available, which currently happens to be USB 3.0.

This SuperSpeed USB 3.0 specification has a maximum theoretical transfer speed of 5 Gbps, which is ten times the performance of USB 2.0.

The new I-O Data flash drives, known as the TB-XT series, do not merge all of these features, but they do possess the speed asset.

They are not exactly the smallest drives out there, bearing an enclosure of 18.0 (W) x 69.6 (D) x 8.6 (H) mm.

Said enclosure is, however, made of aluminum, and that gives them a decent level of survivability, while the USB connector is protected by a cap.

Said cap can be placed on the other end of the flash drive when plugging the USB connector itself into a host PC.

I-O Data plans to send the TB-XT series to Japanese stores starting in December, 2010, the total number of members of this line being six.

While there are only three capacities available, namely 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB, all of them come in two color schemes, black and blue that is.

Unfortunately, the company did not provide actual pricing details, though this final bit of information should not take too long to arrive.

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